What people say about Transcendental Meditation

Amy MolyneuxI think people who are at the top of any business definitely need something, because the stress is massive. A lot of them survive on drinking – not excessively – or they’re into sport, or they’ve got a really amazing partner who does loads for them. But when you’ve been doing TM for a while you can tell if people are giving the signals that they need a break! –Amy Molyneux, PPQ designer

Clint EastwoodIt works great. I’m religious about it when I’m working. I believe in whatever self-help you can give yourself...So meditation with me was just a self-reliant thing. I’ve been doing it almost forty years. –Clint Eastwood, clinteastwood.net

Anila CunninghamAfter meditating I feel as though there is a significant increase in clarity in my mind. Before meditating my thoughts might have been fuzzy or unclear; however, afterwards there is an overall fluidity in my thinking. Things that might have been troubling me before become unclouded. –Anila Cunningham

David LynchWhen I started meditating I had a real anger in me, and I would take this out on my first wife. Two weeks after I started meditating, this anger lifted. –David Lynch, David Lynch Foundation TV