3-day Ayurveda Panchakarma retreat
Enjoy tailored Panchakarma*
Join our residential retreat that combines good food, coastal walks and calming sea views with the Maharishi AyurVeda detox treatment called Panchakarma.
Cardy Net House, Lower Largo, Fife**
3-5 May or 6-8 May
3-day Ayurveda Retreat
  • Three-nights at Cardy Net House
  • Three days of rejuvenation and relaxation
  • Enjoy a deep detox with Panchakarma
  • Two Maharishi AyurVeda consultations*
  • Three organic meals per day
  • Unique opportunity, limited to 8 people
  • Early booking advised.
    To book or for more info
    Sharon Wilson Hodgson: 07837 000128
    or email: shankari@whiteroomyoga.co.uk
    For details about the retreat
    *See below for more details about Consultations and Panchakarma treatment
    **Lower Largo is located on the north side of the Firth of Forth.
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    Cardy Net House
  • Stunning seafront location
  • Fresh air and coastal walks
  • Chance to relax and detox
  • Fresh organic food by in-house chef
  • Lower Largo beach in Fife
    Ayurveda Consultations
    Before attending the Ayurveda Retreat you will receive a consultation with a Maharishi AyurVeda Practitioner. You will also receive a further consultation during your treatment. The consultation costs are automatically included in the cost of the retreat.
    Dr Donn Brennan travels regularly around Scotland giving Ayurveda consultations. On the right are dates and venues, when and where Dr Brennan will be giving his next consultations in Scotland.
    When you book the retreat, a pre-retreat consultation can be arranged for you in either Edinburgh or Glasgow.
    If you have had a consultation with Dr Brennan within the last two years, a face-to-face consultation is not strictly necessary and a Skype or phone consultation can be arranged.
    Panchakarma Treatment
    Panchakarma means five actions. These constitute five broad groups of detoxification procedures developed in Ayurveda. The effects of the individual therapies systematically build on and complement each other. This achieves a long-term and extremely profound purification of the body.
    The treatments are systematically combined to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from your body. These toxins have accumulated as a result of improper food, eating habits and lifestyle, environmental toxins and stress.
    Panchakarma improves health in the most holistic way by removing the basis of most ill health - toxic build-up. Those with chronic disorders frequently find relief from their complaints. Healthy people experience an increase in zest, vitality, and performance.
    For more information on Panchakarma visit: maharishiayurveda.co.uk
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